PGR-72 Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway/Midland Railway/London South Western Railway/LMS/SR Large Cattle Van



Between 1895 and 1912 the SDJR ordered over 100 10ton large cattle vans. These wagons were built by the Midland Railway, in Derby. They were similar to the standard Midland design but they had slightly different plank spacing and extra metal strapping on the sides. In 1914 these wagons were split between the two parent companies 50% going to the Midland and 50% to the LSWR. Most of the wagons would have been absorbed into the LMS of the Southern respectively in 1923. It is feasible that some of these wagons lasted into early British Railways.

SDJR Large Cattle Van Instructions

Additional information


HO, 4mm, S, 7mm, 1/32

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