PGR-17 Midland/SDJR/LSWR/LMS/Private Owner 5plk Wagon



Built from 1895 to 1901 by the SDJR. In 1914 those wagons that were in revenue service would have passed to either the LSWR or to the Midland, with those being used as service stock would have remained in SDJR livery until 1930. There is no data of what happened to them after this date. Similar wagons were built by other wagon works around the country for the transportation of Lime. These wagons would have been a familiar sight all over Wales, Scotland and England.

Midland Railway/SDJR 5 plank Open Instructions

Printed wagon Instructions

Additional information


HO, 4mm, S, 7mm, 1/32


Round end with Tarp bar, Round End, Flat End

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