PGR-73 Lincoln Wagon Co/T Burnett & Co 4 Plank Open



These wagons represent a standard 4 plank wagon design produced for the Lincoln Wagon and Engine Co from about 1890, by Burnetts of Doncaster. These wagons were built for the private owner market and would have been a common site across the UK including the area of England controlled by the NER. Each company would have had their own livery and the wagons were registered to a number of different railway companies across the UK. It is not known if any of these wagons were pooled during world war 2 but it is very likely that some were. If any of these wagon were nationalised they would have probably been scrapped before 1950.

POWSides currently do 5 transfer set specifically for this wagon.

Lincoln Wagon and Engine Co/T Burnetts 4 Plank Open Instructions

Printed wagon Instructions

Additional information


HO, 4mm, S, 7mm, 1/32

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