PGR-48 SECR/LBSCR/War Dept/GNR/LNER/SR/PO/BR RCH 190712ton 7 plank Coal Wagon


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This kit represents wagons built to the 1909 RCH specification for a 12 ton seven plank coal wagon. These wagons were built in vast numbers by a number of different builders around the country. The kit builds two variants the more numerous side door only and the less numerous side and end door. Although designed with the private owner in mind these wagons were bought in large numbers, before the First World War, by the SE&CR (Both variants) and LB&SCR (Side door only). The War Dept bought thousands of both variants between1914 and 1918 and these were sold on after the war to many railway companies including the GNR as well as private owners. This kit has a plastic body and chassis with etched brass and white metal fittings.

1907 RCH 12T 7 Plank Open Instructions

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