PGR-30 LDECR/EWYUR/GCR/LNER/BR 5 plank Open Wagon (Steel Under-frame)


Available on backorder


Built from 1899 to 1905 for both the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Rly and the East and West Yorkshire Union Railway. The LDECR wagons transferred to the GCR in 1908 and they all found themselves in the LNER post 1923.  Some examples survived until 1950/60’s. These wagons would have been a familiar sight all over Wales, Scotland and England.

Similar wagons were built by many wagon builders for the private owner market from 1895-1923

This kit has a 3D printed plastic body, etched brass chassis with 3D printed plastic and brass fittings.

LD&ECR/E&WYUR 5 Plank Open Instructions

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