PGR-115 Barry Rly/Furness Rly 5 plank (Wood under-frame)



This design of wagon was built for both the Furness and the Barry railways. 104 were built for the Furness between 1909 and 1919. The Barry built 400 between 1904 and 1920. some of the Barry wagons were fitted with sheet rails. All of the Furness wagon made it to LMS ownership. The Barry ones similarly made it to GWR ownership. Most of Furness wagons lasted into the British Railways era but the GWR didn’t like wooden under framed wagons so these wagons would have been either scrapped or sold off to private owners by 1935.

Barry Railway/Furness Railway 5 Plank Instructions

Additional information


HO, 4mm, S, 7mm, 1/32

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