PGR7-54 GSWR/LMS/BR 10ton Mineral Wagon


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The G&SWR ordered 930 steel under-framed versions of their 12t Mineral wagon in 1899 from RY Pickering’s. The wagons were slightly longer than the previous 12t minerals, but still retained the cupboard side doors and both end doors. The G&SWR went down the route of having wagons fitted with two end doors because Ayr Docks was not equipped with wagon turntables and wagons pointing in the wrong direction could not be discharged. Due to the common user policy that had been introduced during World War 1 these wagons would have travelled all over the country as well as in their native Scotland. This kit has a plastic body, etched brass chassis with etched brass and 3D printed plastic fittings.

Glasgow and South Western Railway12t Mineral wagon Instructions

2 thoughts on “PGR7-54 GSWR/LMS/BR 10ton Mineral Wagon

  1. This is the last kit of this type.

    1. Yes it is I might retool it but that will not be for another year at least

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