PGR-76 Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway/LMS/BR 8Ton Peat Wagon



In 1911 the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway company converted 14 of its 8ton 5 plank open wagons for use in the movement of peat from the Somerset Levels to markets across the UK. The original 5 plank wagons were built to a modified Midland Railway design slightly thinner and without the bottom doors, fitted as standard to all midland wagons. SDJR’s revenue earning wagons were split between evenly the Midland and the LSWR. However all the peat wagons along with all departmental stock was retained in SDJR livery until 1930. All of the peat wagons that were then allocated to the LMS, with some of these wagons lasted into early British Railways.

SDJR Peat Wagon Instructions

Printed wagon Instructions

Additional information


HO, 4mm, S, 7mm, 1/32


Open ends, Closed ends

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