3 thoughts on “GER-LD&ECR-GCR-LNER 10 Ton Brake Van

  1. Alan Fell

    Hi, Marc; is the retooled 4mm brake van kit good for the GER 17ton. Your note is not totally clear on that point

    1. Hi Alan,
      Both are the dia 1 van at 10ton I think I was not waring my glasses when reading my copy of Tatlow. I will change the description.

  2. Alan Fell

    Good morning, Marc. I do need some G.E.R. 17t brake vans, which are very similar indeed to the 10t version, but with steel u/f and 10’3″ w.b. (all the 10t examples were 9′) and fairly minor detail differences. If I sent you the G.A. and photos of the 17t, could you possibly modify the u/f of your present van to give an accurate 17t version with relatively little new work? Note that the later batches of 17t vans were built with all-horizontal side boarding, like the 10t variety.

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