Update on Flippem delivery dates

I didn’t want my to start this post with the word “Apologies” but I’m going to have to apologise to everyone who was expecting to take delivery of the couplings that they have ordered. 

I have been let down by the company who supply’s my etches. I was told that I would have them by Monday or Tuesday, this week, at the latest. When nothing arrived, I contacted them thinking that it would be a shipping issue. 24 hours later I have just had a reply from them. They have now told me that I should now get them next Monday or Tuesday. I wasn’t told why there has been a delay so to say that I’m not a happy bunny is an understatement. I feel that I’m letting people down as I have promised delivery this week and that isn’t going to happen. 

Please bear with me I will get orders out to everyone as soon as I have the etches.


1 thought on “Update on Flippem delivery dates

  1. Phillip Chudley

    No problem Marc. I really appreciate your efforts in brining the Flippem couplings to fruition.

    The new shop looks great, I ordered my Flippem couplings before the shop went live, so I had to place several individual PayPal transactions. Hope you got them all!

    All the best


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