PGR7-104 Taff Vale Railway/GWR/BR 7t mink Van


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The Taff Vale Railway built 203 vans, between 1903 and 1915. The design based on that of the GWR mink but lengthened to 17ft 6inches. Axel boxes, brakes and buffers followed standard TVR practice of the time. Two vans (5414 and 5416) were converted for the movement of gunpowder. These vans were painted red oxide from the time they were built and they would have been repainted GWR grey after 1923 until they 1930’s when they would have been painted red-oxide. Most of these vans would have made it through the Second World War to British Railway owned in 1947. The last van to be broken up at East Usk Junction in 1977. The TVR running numbers 5237-5276, 5327-5351, 5378-9, 5380-5429, 5501-5510.

Taff Vale Railway Iron Mink Instructions

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