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About us and our Models

Pre- Grouping Railways (Est. 1999)

Furness Railway Wagon Company

Bespoke model railway Kits and Ready to Run Models for all levels of Ability and Experiences.

Originally formed, as Furness Railway Wagon Co, in1999 as a university degree project, to demonstrate how new technologies could be applied to model making.
I’m a modeller, who manufacture kits that I enjoy building and want to share with other model makers.
Most of my kits are manufactured in limited productions runs, giving the customer a bespoke model without having to scratch build their own.
I am constantly increasing our range as many customers commission new kits.

Kit are manufactured in the following Scales:

I will look at manufacturing any prototype as long as the initial order is for at least the 10 kits.

I now also offer a kit building service for any kits not just our own.

Our kits span 4 skill levels, ranging for those designed for beginners and improving the skill of the modeller, to expert level which would be an all brass locomotive, for example.

The skill levels required are:

Skill Level 1 = Beginner
Designed for someone who has never built an Airfix Kit.

Skill Level 2 = Novice
Designed for someone who has already built some basic kits and would like to move up to the next level of difficulty.

Skill Level 3 = Experienced
Designed for someone who has already built some novice kits and would like something more challenging, but don’t feel quite confident enough to take on an all brass kit.

Skill Level 4 = Expert
An all brass kit not for the faint hearted but if you can build one then you can build most brass locomotive kits on the market.

If you are still not confident in building, then we do offer a Ready to Run service. Please contact me for a quote.

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