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New Flippem Automatic coupling system in both 4mm and 7mm scales

As some will already know I have been working on updated “Dingham” style coupling system that is capable of dealing with any curve down to the PECO Set track radius of 3ft4, in 7mm scale. It will also solve the issues of height of rolling stock, depth of buffers, depth of buffer beams and general robustness of the original “Dingham” system. The system will be available in both 4 and 7 mm to start with. If there is a demand I may develop it into other scales. The new system will be fully compatible with 4 and 7mm “Dinghams” and the new design of loop will be available to be back fitted to the old hooks if desired.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m hoping to be in a position to take advanced orders in mid January for a potential delivery date of early to mid February. Initially we will be manufacturing to order so any stock will just be that left over from orders. This may change as we see shows going ahead later in the year.

I will be adding a new page dedicated to the couplings to the webpage once I’m in a position to take orders. I will be posting a video on our YouTube channel of the system being assembled and at work on the layout that they were developed for W.C. Boggs shorty.

Happy new Year


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