The future of the business

Due to a positive change in our family, I’m not going to be able to give the business my full time attention. We are therefore reducing the number of shows that we are going to attend in the next 10 months after this we will take stock of our situation and hopefully we can start attending shows again. We will still be attending the LNWR Society’s Kiddiminster show in July with our layout,  GOG GuildEx Telford in September with the stand and Warley NEC show with our layout, in November.

I will also be reducing the number of types of kits/ready to run products. Most of our kits are produced as limited additions, usually 30 wagons,  so I will not be retooling them once they have come to the end of their production run.

We will be still going to do mail order in this time and all ordered will be fulfilled but there may be some slight delays.



2 thoughts on “The future of the business

  1. Simon R Thornhill

    Hi Marc,
    Looking forward to seeing you at Guidex.
    Good luck with the show!!

    1. See you there. Thanks I might need it as we are bringing Bob to his first show.


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