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Kettering Show

I’m sorry to announce that due to a slipped a disc in my back I’m not going to be able to attend the Show on Saturday. I was hoping to make the show but my recovery has not been as fast as I was hoping.

We were hoping to show off our new venture of 3D printed wagons that will be available on our new Shapeways shop starting with a Mid-Wales/Cambrian 6ton Brake Van. In addition to this I was hoping to show off the new prototypes of our NER H2 0-6-0T, NER coaches, Taff Vale/Barry 5 plank open, Barry/Furness 5 plank open, LBSCR Brake Vans (4 and 6 Wheeled) and LBSCR 6 plank open.

If you were hoping to pick up kits from us if you contact us next week and I should be able to sort you out and post them out to you.

Again sorry for any inconvenience.


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